Blind Tea Tasting

[image Kati Giblin]

What’s your favourite tea? The tea you’d choose over all others? Why?

I’m guessing the answer won’t purely be based on taste. You’ll probably consciously consider whether teas are fair trade or organic. Price may well be a factor. You’re probably influenced by the packaging it comes in, the shape of the bag (square, round, pyramid?) and undoubtedly more. But what if you could only judge by flavour, aroma and colour? Would your favourite tea still be the same?

Let’s find out. To launch this blog in the only way proper, we’re having a blind tea tasting. We’ll send you out a handful of teas (in bags, to keep it nice and simple at this stage) tucked into numbered envelopes with some scoring sheets. All you have to do is brew these teas and choose your favourite(s). There’ll be half a dozen or so black teas for tasting, most along the lines of an English Breakfast style, but I may add a couple of different teas in to the selection too!

All YOU have to do in return is make a record of the event – be it in the form of tasting notes and scores, photographs, a video, a song or something else entirely – and provide it to us for the website. We’ll then tot up the scores and announce the results, revealing the identity of our favourite (and least favourite) teas! Interested? Leave a comment on this blog before the weekend, providing an email address and we’ll get in touch.

And if you enjoy it, why not organise something similar for us, with a selection of your favourite teas?




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11 responses to “Blind Tea Tasting

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  2. Jen

    Lovely idea! I’d love to participate if you’d like an opinion from California. jen_piccotti(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. ayetch

    Hello hello.
    I used to be a tea whench at General Store in its good old days and love a good brew.
    I’d really like to participate!
    h ::

  4. Ten tea tasters so far! Think I can manage up to another ten, otherwise I’ll have to venture out into the Bristol snow to buy more tea!

  5. I’ll do it! I do like to think I can tell the difference between a good and bad cuppa so this’ll be interesting.

  6. missbeliever

    Tom, this lady wants in too: x

  7. Ellio100

    I’ll give it a go, though my palate is uneducated and my prose pretentious. (probs best that way round though). Educate me T and T! x

  8. Of course, you’ve been on the list from the start :)

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