Blind Tea Tasting Is Underway!

It is finally time for the tea tasting! All 8 (yes EIGHT!) teas were bagged and packed into lettered envelopes over the weekend and are awaiting a trip to the post office. There’s ONE final place in the tea tasting left, as I’ve ended up making an extra, just in case. So if you’re still interested in participating but haven’t yet got in touch, do so quickly!

The identities of the eight teas are top secret. While I know what the eight are, I’m also blind in this test (so thanks to my mother for patiently bagging up and labelling well over 100 tea bags!); the names of the teas are hidden away in a sealed envelope and shall be revealed once we’ve received everyone’s thoughts. Teas should be with you by next week. So get tasting!



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One response to “Blind Tea Tasting Is Underway!

  1. All tea parcels accounted for! Sorry if you wanted to participate and didn’t make the list in time…

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