Blind Tea Tasting Update

In the midst of moving house from Bristol to London I was concerned I’d lost my parcel for the blind tea tasting, which’d prevent me from participating in this wondrous challenge! But hooray! I found it this afternoon and have started to plough my way through the teas; the perfect antidote to a thumping headache and a complete lack of sleep over the last few days.

The plan is to wait until all results are back and then publish individuals’ results over 2 weeks before revealing the identity of each tea and the overall winner. So if you’ve not got around to tasting yet, then please do. Once you’ve enjoyed all eight, send me the results and we can get on with deciding our favourite tea!



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One response to “Blind Tea Tasting Update

  1. Jen

    Conducted my tasting on Saturday – it was the sanity break I needed after an anxiety-ridden week! Am excited to share my experience and see what others thought as well. Expect my results soon! Bravo for making this experiment happen.

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