Blind Tea Tasting – Deadline

Folks – the deadline is drawing near to get those blind tea tasting results back to me before I publish everyone’s thoughts, play with some statistics, announce our favourite teas and finally the champion tea! I’m going to name and shame those who’ve not provided me with anything yet. Hang your tea cups in shame:

Joel, Liv, Dave, Trina, Andy, Mark and anyone else in that house who should be tasting tea

You have until the 14th March to taste your teas and email me details. If you’ve not sent anything by then, we shall pour teas of scorn upon your name.
On that Sunday, the first of the tea tastings will go live on this website, and from then we’ll have one per day until we reveal the results… hold on tight!



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One response to “Blind Tea Tasting – Deadline

  1. Jen

    The Laggards are killing me! Ready and willing to pour teas of scorn, if needed (though I would be much happier to just see the reviews!!).

    Drink, friends. Drink!

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