Popfest Mixtape

There’s plenty of music out there about tea, some of which we’ll all get round to writing about later. In the meantime, as part of the 4 day London Popfest event last week, I put together a tea themed CDR. More of an excuse to lump together some indiepop tea-tunes (plus tracks about genocide and Prince-related 80s sexual escapades), here’s the tracklist:

Badgers Drink Tea Too

1. Old Cups Of Tea – Ivor Cutler
2. Lovesong No. 1 – Lost Summer Kitten
3. The Genocide Ball – The Robot Ate Me
4. The Dolls’ Tea Party – The Magnetic Fields
5. For The Price of A Cup of Tea – Belle & Sebastian
6. Doing Our Part – The Carrots
7. The Lion & The Teacup – Bishop Allen
8. Handpocket – Best Friends Forever
9. HTML – The Hot Toddies
10. Whiskey & Tea – Those Transatlantics
11. The Leaves Of Tea – Calvin Johnson
12. To Make Your Tea – 1000 Violins
13. A Cup Of Tea – Ray Rumours
14. Sunshine (Hey, Hey, Hey) – The Moist Towelettes
15. Pretty Mess – Vanity 6

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