Blind Tea Tasting Results – Ellie

Just gathered some folks together to taste tea, a nice way to start a Friday morning but a bit surreal all the same…  This is what we came up with:

Tea A
: 6
This tea was nice smelling but didn’t taste as strong as I thought.  Maybe slightly bitter?  Very nice rich colour though and whilst not unpleasant it wasn’t very exciting.

Tea B
e: 6
I can’t really remember.  I tried this and C on their own so there was nothing to compare them to.  I remember thinking it was probably a 6 though.

Tea C
: 5
This one was weak and I didn’t like it that much.

Tea D
: 8
This was roundly pronounced to be a very nice cup of tea.  One of the stronger ones but not overpowering, it was deemed appropriate for one’s afternoon tea.  The flavour was full and rounded.

Tea E
: 6
No-one got very excited about this tea at all.  It was liked.  Again, strong but not bitter,  The very richest colour of all the teas.  We gave it 6.

Tea F
: 0
‘Horrible!’, too delicate/weak.  Watery.  A subtle quality.  Diluted.  I think it has a taste of roses (could be my perfume).  An interesting taste but probably needs to stand longer to come out.  Split the group; ‘there is a taste in there somewhere but I don’t particularly like it’

Tea G
: 4
Strong, breakfast tea.  (One person said this just by the colour which I was quite impressed by).  Slightly bitter.  Someone else said the flavour was thin.  In the end we gave it 4.

Tea H
: 7
Earl Grey?  This one was spoiled by me pouring milk into it.  Some people really disliked it, but in the end people seemed to like it.  Chinatea?  lap sang?  Curious to try this one again without milk.

I put milk straight into all of them so I think that did for tea H to be honest.  One of the curators got a bit sniffy about the milk and wouldn’t play (though he shared an anecdote about a teapot he received for appearing in a South Korean TV documentary about teas so it wasn’t a complete loss).




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2 responses to “Blind Tea Tasting Results – Ellie

  1. I quite like the idea of you all sitting around in the museum discussing teas :)

  2. Bee

    I wish I’d turned mine into more of a tea-tasting party now! (& it would have prevented me eating the entire packet of digestives by myself…)

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