Blind Tea Tasting Results – Lisa & Rebecka

It’s not easy to throw a tea party at a hospital. With a little help from my friend Rebecka (she was my +1 when we played at Buffalo Bar) and a nurse who understood the healing nature of tea, we pulled it off! Since we don’t know a thing about tea, but are experts on ponies and pop music, we decided to leave the serious tea jargon to you British folks and go for a more humanistic tea testing.

Tea A
Was by mistake a bit oversugared. Therefore very good!! We like sweet things (and boys!).
Score: 7

Tea B
A middle of the road tea. A Coldplay kind of taste.
: 5

Tea C
A bit harsh and bitter. Like us, but not as sweet and therefore not very likeable.
: 4

Tea D
If Bruce Springsteen would drink tea, he would drink this. An old-man taste, but not totally repulsive.
Score: 6

Tea E
If this tea was a pony, it would be a New Forest pony with mad eyes and stupid mane. Cute but I wouldn’t buy it. We’re more into ponies from Wales or Iceland.
Score: 5

Tea F
F is for fika. This tea would go well with some pastries.
Score: 8

Tea G
I compare this tea to a Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Song. This tea is fucking right!
Score: 9

Tea H
Smells and tastes like a wool blanket on wet pony. Delicious!
Score: 10

1 – H
2 – G
3 – F
4 – A
5 – D
=6 – E & B
8 – C



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