Blind Tea Tasting Results – Nic & Emma

Tea A
Score: 4 / 4 [Nic / Emma]
Slightly bitter…tea bagged too long? Better with milk. The last couple of warm mouthfuls were gross.

Tea B
: 5 / 6
Looks very greasy on top, light flavour, not very strong

Tea C
: 8 / 8
Bergamot? Yummy

Tea D
: 3 / 3
Tastes like cheap offshore Gardline tea, PG? Standard builders tea.

Tea E
: 5 /  3
Similar to, but nicer than A/B, similar to D….

Tea F
: 5 / 5
Black = Light, flavourless, tastes like a green and black blend. With milk=old and bitter

Tea G
: 7 / 6
Black, catches slightly at the back of the throat. Nicer with milk

Tea H
: 0 /  7 (without milk)
Tastes like I’m eating the Wield and Downland Museum, gross. Weird straw colour and vile with milk. Smokey.
Emma seems to like it.


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One response to “Blind Tea Tasting Results – Nic & Emma

  1. Nic

    Hmm, we weren’t very thorough or professional with our reviews, sorry.

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