Blind Tea Tasting Results – James

Tea A
Woody and foul. Tasted and smelt like it had come out of a pipe. Awful
Score: 0

Tea B
Odd, herbal smell. Tasted very pleasant however and was probably better without milk.
Score: 8

Tea C
Very good. Indeed. Was this Yorkshire?
Score: 9

Tea D
Good .
Score: 7

Tea E
Strong, very very good. Immense both pre milk and post milk – outstanding brew.
Score: 10

Tea F
Lightest brew, no distinguishing taste. Quite bad.
Score: 4

Tea G
Same dark colour as bagged teas (other two loose leaf were lighter). Awesome taste.
Score: 9

Tea H
Smelt awful – and antiseptic. Looked green in colour both with and without milk.
Score: 1

1 – E
2 – G
3- C
4 – B
5 – D
6 – F
7 – H
8 – A


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