Blind Tea Tasting Results – Jen

Tea A
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – dull
Liquor – very dark amber, almost muddy, heavy. Reminds me of Lipton. The kind of tea I’d drink to be polite, but would choose to add cream and sugar if handy.
Overall score: 4

Tea B
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – minimal, but a hint of brightness.
Liquor – dark copper. Something’s missing to give it a fullness I’m looking for, but malty in a good way. Could definitely see myself waking up with this in the morning.
Overall score: 7

Tea C
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – almost none.
Liquor – medium dark amber. This one is a reflection of its aroma – almost none. Truly an empty flavor. And while it doesn’t hit all the points on my palate, there is nothing unpleasant about it. It feels only half there. However, the more I sip, the more it grows on me.
Overall score: 6

Tea D
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – pleasant, but so very light.
Liquor – Medium amber. Where’s the flavor? Not unpleasant, but not there at all. Thin, thin, thin.
Overall score: 3

Tea E
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – now, here’s some tea!
Liquor – Bright copper color (which makes me want to sing, “and warm woolen mittens” for some reason). This hits all the points on my palate without hitting any point too aggressively. Bright flavor. A fullness I’m enjoying.
Overall score: 8

Tea F
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – ahhhh.
Liquor – Clear copper liquid.  Full, beautiful, bright. Doesn’t need anything. Milk and sugar would be a shame.
Overall score: 9

Tea G
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – Yes!
Liquor – Deep copper. Full bodied with so much character. This is a tea I could have deep conversations over or concentrate deeply with. Strong without being overpowering. A companion for any journey.
Overall score: 10

Tea H
Steeped 3 minutes.
Aroma – Me likey!
Liquor – Golden amber. Light, yet full. A Darjeeling? A refined smoothness. Something for the afternoon to reward myself over a book or favorite movie. Overall score: 10

I was surprised at the difference in quality I perceived between the first 5 bagged teas and the last 3 loose leaf teas. I’ll be very curious to see if that was in some way a personal bias, or if the other tasters had the same experience. This was such an interesting exercise. Thank you for including me!


1 – G
2 – H
3 – F
4 – E
5 – B
6 – C
7 – A
8 – D

Jen – An International Tea Moment


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