Blind Tea Tasting Results – Bee

Tea A
Comments: I suspect it’s a Tetleys! It definitely tastes that way. Mellow, Classic, Standard, Plain.. One of those cups that is usually pretty average and uninspired, but occasionally gives you *the* ultimate cup of tea that you wish would never end.
Score: 6

Tea B
Comments: Oh dear! The first word that springs to mind is sweaty. It tastes like this tea bag has sat in a sauna. Weak, muddy and common.
Score: 3

Tea C
Comments: Red bush I think. Not my usual cup of choice as I find it too strong without milk, but too wacky with. Heavy, colourful and fruity.
Score: 5

Tea D
Comments: I think this is my ultimate favourite, Yorkshire. It’s bright, strong, full and sorts you out like a brisk stroll on the moors.
Score: 10

Tea E
Comments: Soft, Bland, Unoffensive and Caramely. Perfectly enjoyable, a good biscuit-dunking scenario as not too rich.
Score: 7

Tea F
Comments: Smells smokey and tastes almost florally. I like this alot and don’t think it’s something I’ve ever had before. It makes me thing of tea you get abroad when there is something off kilter and enchanting about it.
Score: 8

Tea G
Comments: Strong, bright but weirdly tasteless. Maybe my tastebuds have been numbed by too many scorching sips of previous brews. I found this unfinishable with boredom.
Score: 3

Tea H
Comments: Spicey and musky, a bit like chai tea.  Uh oh I haven’t used enough fancy tea words yet so here goes: pungent, high fired and earthy!
Score: 6




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2 responses to “Blind Tea Tasting Results – Bee

  1. meg

    Hehe I loved reading this. C and I once did a coffee taste test with from Starbucks, Costa and Nero but it wasn’t quite right coz we didn’t brew it strong enough at home. Nero wins every time in my book.

  2. Nero coffee isn’t bad actually, far superior to Starbucks (too harsh) and Costa (too bland). Still, gotta seek out the indie whenever you can….

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