Blind Tea Tasting Results – Miss Believer

Tea A
: 4
Tastes like unicorns and looks like a rainbow. It gave me magical powers which I used to fly round the world, saving bees and suicidal guinea pigs. Also, it told me the secret of eternal youth.
[Tamsin told me she’d lost her tasting notes for tea A, so provided me with the above, which sounds fairly spot on as far as tea reviews go – TomA]

Tea B
: 6
Nice delicate, sweet tasting tea. The kind of tea you might enjoy drinking on a summer’s day, but not one to wake you up in the morning.

Tea C
: 2
Totally nondescript, boring, standard tea with nothing to recommend it. Would not drink again!

Tea D
: 8
Nice colour! Good, rounded tasting cup of tea. Alex thought it had a fruity/sweet taste, but I didn’t. I thought it tasted a tiny bit like almond cream tea but I did have a cold, so my sense of taste might have been skewed) (He was helping me on a few teas but we absolutely disagreed on everything).

Tea E
: 7
I thought this one smelt nice! It had a good, bold flavour but it was lacking in the refreshing quality I usually enjoy in my teas. Had a very slightly bitter aftertaste. A nice cup of tea though, and probably a good breakfast one as it was nice and strong.

Tea F
: 7
Very tasty! Very clean and fresh tasting, with maybe a hint of lemon? I liked it , anyway. Interestingly I note that Ellie’s lot didn’t like it – I wonder if I brewed it for longer or something?

Tea G
: 0
My initial reaction was that this tastes of mushrooms. It should be noted that I drank both H and G at work where we only have the boiler thing on the wall, which is never actually boiling and I always think it makes a difference to the taste of the tea. But yeah, I genuinely found this quite unpleasant. Maybe it would have tasted better without milk? It had a nasty aftertaste too. Like, bitter? I ended up not finishing it. I left loads. My least favorite of all.

Tea H
: 8.5
I thought this smelled like it might be Earl Grey/Lady Grey or the like, so I decided not to put milk in it. On drinking it I was glad of this. Slightly lemony flavoured, very delicate – an afternoon tea sort of drink. I enjoyed it even if I do have a cleaning product that smells quite similar. Very refreshing brew.


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