Blind Tea Tasting – Overall Results!

Empty mugs abound and 11 sets of scores and tasting notes have been received; it must be almost time to reveal the identiTEAS of our 8 brews… So thank you to everyone that participated and sent their musings and photographs (and tut tut to those that either lost your tea before you tasted them or never replied at all once you’d been sent the tea). Their may be one latecomer (hey, Hannie!), so these scores may yet be updated.

The Final Scores:
(average score out of ten)

Tea D:  6.68
Tea C:  6.55
Tea H:  5.86
Tea E:  5.82
Tea F:  5.64
Tea B:  5.10
Tea G:  5.00
Tea A:  4.82

Tea D is our resounding winner! The only other tea to average over 6 was Tea C.
Poor Tea A though – the only tea with an average under 5.

Of the loose teas (F-H). H scored well, coming third overall and the group’s favourite loose tea. This hides some large variance in opinion though – 4 people ranked this as their favourite tea while for 3 is was clearly their least favourite (two of these scored it 0!). G met with resounding disgust, 4 of us gave this our lowest marks. Tea C was most people’s favourite, but clearly it would be Tea D to keep in the cupboard for guests, as nearly everyone gave it a decent mark.

So which tea is which – did us Yorkshire tea lovers guess right? (Tom guessed A; James guessed C; Bee guessed D). In a previous blind tea tasting, James and I compared Yorkshire with Betty’s Tea Room Blend, with Betty’s coming out on top. Have we been consistent and did Betty’s triumph again? How did our other three bagged teas come out – Clipper Everyday Organic, Twinings Afternoon and Whittards English Breakfast? Which of our three loose teas were Brooke Bond Choicest Blend, Twinings Deli 2nd Flush Assam and Attic Tea’s Tippy Yunnan? Which tea is our ultimate favourite (D) and which tea won’t we be buying again (A)?

The identiTEAS of A-H will be revealed shortly….



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  1. The identiTEAS are ready and scheduled to go online on Tuesday at 1800 BST. I shall be in hospital having my mug holding arm fixed (not a tea related injury I should point out), but feel free to all express your comments/opinions/disbelief once they’re published.

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