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A Swedish Tea Party

Hm, ok, so me and Rebecka had a spontaneous tea tasting of a new tea she found at the grocery store the other day. Seems like I have been a bit brainwashed by you, thinking about tea and pastries all the time.
I send you three not-so-interesting-but-polaroided-to-make-them-look-arty pics to put in the blog as well.
Here we go:

As you can see, in Sweden we spell tea “te”. Most of the time. Some people like to spell it “thé”, probably in an attempt to be a bit arty. Rubbish. Anyway, if you go shopping at a Swedish grocery store called Hemköp, you get your tea in a nice black paper bag with different flowers and fruit on it. I think it’s an important part of the experience.

Rebecka and me always try to do things in style. Today’s theme was black and white, including very expensive designer mugs (next time, I think we’ll go for polka dot theme, if I can find my polka dot kettle somewhere). Please take a brief moment to adore our lovely black and white Tea Testing Tray. A Tea Testing Tray is a very important device in your everyday kitchen equipment, so if you don’t have one, well, shame on you. However, we’ll let it pass this time.

As you can see, we did our best to make it as scientific correct as possible. One cup is with milk and one is withour. We also tested it both with our without sugar. This is our expert opinions:

Name of the tea: Kvitten (I don’t know the english word for it, but here’s a picture:

[quince? – TomA]

It contained (not surprisingly) kvitten, but also blueberry and sunflower.
This tea smelled really nice: flowery, fruity and very sweet. The taste was… well, also fruity… and… with a hint of… or maybe… äh, fuck it! We don’t know anything about tea! Our expert areas are (as some of you maybe know by now) ponies and pop.

So, if this tea would be a pony, it would be a quite small one, light brown, with soft fur and a very cute face. Still, it would be a bit stubborn and sulky, not very different from an Exmoor pony

Or, if we relate this tea to anything indiepopish, we think that it would be a small and very informal indiepop festival. Maybe a bit like Emmaboda (, but probably even a bit more twee. We hereby appoint this tea to be this summer’s official Twee Tea.

It’s important to store your tea properly. Forget about “cool and dry” and other stupid advices. The best way to store your tea is naturally close to a postcard from Buffalo Bar, a picture of Zooey Deschanel, an indie rock colouring book and your Ipod speakers. Play carefully chosen songs to your tea every day (I’m sure Tom can come up with a nice tea-friendly Spotify playlist if we ask him nicely) and it will taste nothing but heavenly.

// Lisa (with a little help from Rebecka)



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