Take it away

I’ve seen the plain white versions of these ‘eco cups’ in gift shops around the country and had to admit they were a pretty great idea for anyone who is addicted to their take away coffee but hates the constant waste of plastic cups. I was never really tempted with one for myself though; that is, until now. The above are billed as the ‘tea lovers’ versions and I love them. I also love that tea lovers are associated with twee, chintz and pretty patterns. They’re around £10 and you can get them from here along with any other quality gift retailer! (probably)


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One response to “Take it away

  1. I’m quite tempted to get one of these. Not so much for the take away element, because I still struggle to find the motivation to give someone £2.20 for a supermarket tea bag in a paper cup, but rather for the convenience of having a cup with a lid. Yes, it might be a touch like becoming 4 again, but it a) keeps your tea hot (and I prefer my tea scalding hot) and b) means when I clumsily flail my arms across my desk, the odds of not wasting my brew over my keyboard are greatly improved…

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