Bank Holiday Tea Tasting – Fairtrade English Breakfast

Breakfast teas for breakfast time. A good strong cuppa with a healthy splash of milk is about the only way I can start a day properly. This Fairtrade English Breakfast is a touch fruitier, or maybe spicier, than my usual English Breakfast brew (currently the staple is Twinnings Organic English Breakfast), so it feels like a little bit of a treat. A bad English Breakfast tea can be a total non event, a good one should be rich yet subtle. This seems to perfectly fit the sunny-Monday-morning-and-I’m-not-at-work criteria, full of verve and excitement. A really rather good brew.

All these teas are individually bagged Four O’Clock branded teas, produced by Transherb. I’ve not come across these in Europe other than a single cafe in south east Sweden; they’re based in Quebec and have a rather tempting range of teas. Rather looking forward to getting through the next 7 cups…



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