Bank Holiday Tea Tasting – Fairtrade White Tea Chai

Oh. My. God.

This tea is just the best thing ever. Sweet, smooth, with a wonderful caramel taste. I’ve become quite a convert to white tea lately and a good cup of chai is always a pleasure. I’m a bit short on words on this tea. Its hard to explain just how good it is. Mmmmmmmm.

The Bethnal Green gas towers are a touch easier to talk about. They’re a landmark I’ve been aware of for at least the last decade, from when I used to get the train down from Norfolk to London. As we started the final approach to Liverpool St, I’d always be amazed at these gigantic structures – sometimes just a skeletal framework with some seemingly miniature ladders around; other times in awe at how this structure encompassed what appeared to be a massive vat. I probably figured out that they were storage of some description, but it was only later the complexities of gas storage came to light for me – the challenges of keeping it “air” tight, maintaining appropriate pressure and having such a huge yet dynamic structure. Strangely enough, it isn’t far removed from my day to day life, but enough of that.



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