Bank Holiday Tea Tasting – Green Tea & Rooibos

I’m not generally a huge fan of either green teas or rooibos. So I’ve been intrigued to see what a combination of both is like.

Amazing is the answer. There’s all sorts of extra goodness in this tea – ginger, liquorice, cinnamon and rosehip – and it really does taste special. Deathly sweet it must be said, but in a rather satisfying, old school sweetshop way. Yum. There are pear drops in there, sherbet lemons and maybe some liquorice bootlaces too. Immense.

The mug is also rather special too. This is the first in a series of four East London landmarks – the Rio cinema, in Dalston. Its a wonderful, 1930s art deco building on Kingsland Road and one of (if not the only?) cinema left this side of London. Expect a mix of arthouse, foreign and the occasional block buster and classic film, set in a proper theatre environment – a pleasant escape from the soulless Odeon etc cinema experience.




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2 responses to “Bank Holiday Tea Tasting – Green Tea & Rooibos

  1. missbeliever

    I like both green tea and rooibos – sounds heavenly to me!!

  2. It was rather good. I’m starting to get into rooibos actually – I’ve got a rooibos chai saved for later this evening :)

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