Post Bank Holiday Tea Tasting – Fairtrade Pomegranate Echinacea

Let us say I’m slightly sceptical about this tea. For all my bluff of having a refined taste and knowing about tea, when it comes down to it, I can’t resist a cup of builders. Strong black tea, with a large wallop of milk (save the sugar though). I’ve never ever got herbal teas. And to be honest, I had no idea what an “echinacea” was until I popped the bag in the mug. Pomegranate though, I am rather a fan of…

So, first off: echinacea. Wikipedia (don’t say four years at university hasn’t taught me how to engage in critical and complex research) leads me to believe it is essentially a daisy, though purple in colour, and means hedgehog Here’s one with a bumble bee on (the flower, not a hedgehog sadly):

There’s all sorts of jazz about it being good for immune system or something too. Blah. I don’t drink tea for health, I drink it for taste. And this tea leaves me a little bit confused. Its far darker than your typical fruit tea, with a fair bit more substance. There’s an orangey taste and something a bit peppery too. The pomegrantate aroma is fabulous, the pomegrantate flavour is just about there but nothing to shout home about. Which is what gets my goat about fruit teas. They always smell sublime yet have no real taste. This is better, but I’d rather have a mug of builder’s in all honesty.



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  1. I’m now at the bottom of the mug and would probably drink another mug of it in an hours time. It is really rather good. Oh Thomas, you are far too quick to judge.

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