The Unfortunate Earl Grey

Some tea art here, in this photograph by Bianca Stewart.

Quite suitable for any tea-room, don’t you think?




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5 responses to “The Unfortunate Earl Grey

  1. Bianca

    Elena, thank you again for the honor. This is really informative blog; I have been drinking tea since age 6, which is considered rather early for Americans!

  2. a blog about tea, what a great find, loving it :)

  3. Thanks for the great blog and letting us know about the tea museum in Tunbridge Wells. I am bringing my granddaughter to England for her first buying trip and going to the museum will be a great side trip from London.

    • el

      Hi Leila,
      Thanks for your comment, we’re so pleased you’ve enjoyed our site, yours certainly has some lovely products and your blog is great!
      Having looked at the ‘Tea Museum’ website, I understand it’s the fictional setting of a series of novels. There are some great tea artefacts on display in London if you are planning a trip. The Victoria and Albert Museum has some fantastic collections. Their website has this video on the topic:
      If you do go to the V&A on your visit, be sure to have a cup of tea in their magnificent tiled cafe!

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