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Etsy picks: mugs

Etsy is brilliant. You can find pretty much anything you want on there and it’s all made and sold be independent artists & crafters from around the world. The only problem is that it’s easy to get sucked into an idle browsing black hole, which is what happened to me this weekend. However, it’s not all wasted time because in my hunting I managed to create a list of some of the nicest things to drink tea from on the site.

This mug has a bear on it, dancing the La Bamba. I don’t even know what else you want, or expect, from a mug. $25 from corduroy.

I’ve had my eye on this Pride & Prejudiced themed mug for a while now. I’m a bit of a Jane Austen fan, see, and what could be more English than a cup of tea from a mug featuring one of the classic lines in English literature? $16 from Brookish

We all know mustaches are hip right now. Tom had one for a while so he probably started the trend. Anyway, cash in on it with this mustache mug, $14 from DailyGrinder

What to do with the teabag once I’ve brewed my tea for the required amount of time is always a tricky subject for me. I brew herbal teas for longer than my standard Yorkshire fare and so have a tendency to wander around with the bag in mug. Not having anywhere to put it has lead to a) overbrewing and b) wet teabags on my desk before now but as if by magic, this amazing mug with teaba pocket is here to solve all my problems. The real question is why somebody didn’t think of this sooner.  $25 from AngelaIngram


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Sri Lanka

Beautifully shot video about the tea industry in Sri Lanka that I’ve just stumbled upon.

[Sorry, can’t embed it, but go here to watch!]

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Tea Tech: Best of the Apps

I generally don’t like to do anything if there isn’t an app I can use for it. I’m technology obsessed, but I’m ok with it. I promise. The natural thing then is for me to post about tea related apps currently on the market..

Up first is Wheel of Tea which would be pretty useful in my office. Promising to end the age old dilema of ‘Whose turn is it to make the tea?’, you add in the people on your tea round and then shake the phone to randomly select someone. No shying off from your turn now!

Simply called Tea, this next app promises to be the ultimate app for tea drinkers. You can time your brewing, create tasting notes, build an inventory of your tea and get suggestions. One for the true tea obsessive, if Tom had an iPhone he’d already have this.

My Tea Timer allows you to save your favorite brewing times (you can’t use the same one for every type of tea but you knew that, right?) for your perfect cup of tea. Simple to use, this is a very handy little app to have if you’re as picky about your tastes as I am.

Sadly, this seems to be about it in the way of tea based apps. Everything else is a variant of one of the above. Disappointing – please let us know in the comment box if you have any others to share!

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Splash of Milk is go! (again)

As you’ve probably noticed from Ellie’s introduction post, Tom and I are in the process of re-launching this homage to all things tea with lots of exciting new contributors. They’ll all be introducing themselves over the next few weeks so keep an eye out, and if you’d like to be involved too drop us a line!

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How to judge a mug

A proper tea-set is beautiful, but as I am forgetful the porcelain is always too thin to keep the tea warm for long enough.  I made this nifty flow-chart to aid my mug decision-making.  If you wish you print it out and put it up in your office/home/local branch of whittards please take a snapshot for the blog.

How do you decide how to take your tea?


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el intro

Name: El

Favourite tea:  The first cup of the day.  English Breakfast, with milk, the radio and good company.

Favourite place to drink tea: Either outdoors, in my pyjamas or in the tiled cafe at the  V and A.

Favourite mug: My grandmother had a mug that looked perfectly innocuous but which had a small china frog inside, attached to its base.  You would be merrily sipping your tea and then about halfway down, the frog’s eyes would peek out at you.  If anyone knows where to get another one like this I would be very grateful to find one.  She only used it for special occasions, like when the police came round.


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