el intro

Name: El

Favourite tea:  The first cup of the day.  English Breakfast, with milk, the radio and good company.

Favourite place to drink tea: Either outdoors, in my pyjamas or in the tiled cafe at the  V and A.

Favourite mug: My grandmother had a mug that looked perfectly innocuous but which had a small china frog inside, attached to its base.  You would be merrily sipping your tea and then about halfway down, the frog’s eyes would peek out at you.  If anyone knows where to get another one like this I would be very grateful to find one.  She only used it for special occasions, like when the police came round.


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3 responses to “el intro

  1. missbeliever

    I HAD A MUG LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I would do anything for another one.

  2. Kalin

    There’s a seller on etsy that has them. I’ll try to track down the link.

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