More tea-tut for you to enjoy cluttering your home with!  Hurrah!

This time, it’s in the form of a tea towel.  Now, quite how the tea-towel relates to the contemporary cup of tea I can never quite be sure.  Perhaps for mopping spillages, for keeping the pot warm for people remiss enough to misplace the cosy, perhaps for drying those dainty tea cups?  I must admit, my tea-towels are not truly tea-specific.  That is, until yesterday.  This is because yesterday I was lucky enough to be given a Very Lovely new tea-towel.

As you can see, it is indeed Very Lovely.  As such it will only serve genteel tea-specific functions.  If you would like to buy your own, or another from their range of printed goods (their tea Christmas Card looks very handsome) then this link will be helpful.  If you would like to jot down further suggestions for tea-ing up your tea-towels, then I would be delighted to read them.


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