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Heroes of Tea: Arthur Dent (The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Poor Arthur Dent. Whisked through space by a semi-alcoholic alien travel writer when his home planet is destroyed and totally unable to get a decent cup of tea. I may not be able to sympathise with the first part but I certainly can with the latter.The Nutrimatic drinks dispenser on board the Heart of Gold tries it’s best, but only ever managed to produce a drink “almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea” (the phrase ‘not entirely unlike’ becoming a catchphrase in itself). I’m of the firm opinion that the drinks machine in my office building has been produced by the same firm. Varying wildly in colour from day to day it’s a constant adventure to see whether what you’ve got is actually drinkable. On top of that I spend a fair amount of time working in France where getting some tea is an equally traumatic task.  So, Arthur Dent, I and countless other office workers around the country salute you and your valiant efforts to uphold the fine British tradition of tea, even in space. I may not be hitchiking the galaxy, but I know where you’re coming from.

(I have chosen the picture based on my favorite Arthur. Sorry Martin Freeman, but you are not him. You are a good John Watson though)


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Oolong tea-tasting

To cheer up an office Monday, we ran a little tea-tasting party with some of the oolongs that naivetea sent.

We tried five from their selection: Rose Violet, Yuzu, Mint, Lavendar and Osmanthus.

Our favourite was the Osmanthus, which everyone agreed was light and very refreshing.  The mint was very powerful.

The tasting was enlivened by the discovery of Fergus-Ray Murray‘s poetry.  Enchantingly, though perhaps somewhat sadly, he notes the song is based on a true story.

the oolong tea song

Oolong tea, Oolong tea
Won’t you please come back to me?
I lost your box six weeks ago,
And now I don’t know where to go
For Oooo-oolong tea

Oolong tea, no other tea
Does quite what you do for me.
I miss your subtle peachiness;
Green tea’s great but you’re the best,
My Oooo-oolong tea

Oolong tea, Oolong tea
Your little leaves I long to see
But I can’t find you anywhere
I keep trying shops and you’re not there
Oh-oooo Oolong
Tea ye, Oolong

Oolong tea.

(based on a true story)

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I found myself in Midtown New York last year.  It didn’t seem like a promising tea-town, until we stumbled into subtletea, who took the topic seriously.

They had a comprehensive tea-menu, divided into morning, afternoon and evening teas…

and their website lists a whole load more…

I have to admit being a little intimidated by choice, and consulted Tom for his advice.

Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Midtown and after a cuppa, head over here.  There’s nice tea, and as well as wifi for the macbookers, they have a range of magazines.  When I was there I found this in one of them:


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